A-Live S.r.L. (hereinafter the 'Data Controller' or 'Us'), with registered office in Rome, Via Della Giulana 44, 00195 - Italy - c.f. 15751061001 available at the e-mail address, as data controller, provide You with the following information with regard to the usage of cookies on the website (hereinafter the 'Site').

1.    Definition of cookies and categories of cookies used in this Site
Cookies are small size text strings that the Site send to the user's device (such as computer, smartphone, tablet), where they are saved in order to be transmitted to the Site itself at the next visit by the same user.
Cookies used in this Site may be distinguished by the following criteria:
a)    depending on who manages cookies:
(i) first-party cookies: these are the cookies installed directly by the Data Controller through the Site;
(ii) third-party cookies: these are cookies installed through the Site by third parties with respect to Us;

b)    depending on the duration of activation:
(i) session cookies: these cookies store the necessary information during the browsing session and are delated immediately after the end of the session or when the browser is closed;
(ii) persistent cookies: these cookies are stored in the user's hard disk and the Site reads them at every new visit by the user. A persistent cookie has a specified expiry date, after which it will stop operating.

c)    depending on the purposes:
some cookies are necessary in order to allow the user to browse the Site and benefit of its purposes (so called technical cookies). Other cookies are used with the aim to obtain statistical information, in aggregate form or not, on the number of users that access the Site and on how the Sire itself is used (so called analytics cookies). In the end, other cookies are used to profile the user in order to get him viewing advertisement on the Site that may be connected with his interests, as they are consistent with his tastes and consumption habits (so called profiling cookies).

The Site uses technical cookies only.
Changing the settings of the browser in use, the user can decide to prevent, in whole or in part, the installation of cookies, at any time. Each browser set up is different and it is described in the menu "Guide" of the browser. In order to understand how to set cookies settings, the user can refer to the instructions provided by the producers of the most popular browsers, available at the following links:

2.    Cookies used on the Site
•    Technical cookies
The Data Controller uses technical cookies only in order to allow the user to browse the Site and to benefit from the Site itself. They may be further distinguished as following:
(i) browsing cookies: they grant the normal browsing and use of the Site, allowing, for example, to make a purchase or log in to access restricted areas. Usually, they are session cookies, that are erased automatically when the browser is closed;
(ii) functional cookies: they allow the user to browse according with a set of selected criteria (such as language or country of origin) in order to improve the Site service. They are persistent cookies, which remain in the computer even after the browser is closed, until the expiry date set for each cookie (usually from two months to two years) or until the user erases them.
Technical cookies are not used for further purposes than the abovementioned ones.

Currently, the Site uses the following technical cookies:
Name of the party that sets the cookie    Name of the Cookie                               Purpose                                                     Duration-expiration date (Minerva)                                   toktv__it__***__storageAccessData    Store access token                                     Unlimited
Google                                                    _ga                                                         Analytics (Used to distinguish users)         2 years
Google                                                    _gid                                                        Analytics (Used to distinguish users)         24 hours
Google                                                    _gat                                                        Analytics (Used to throttle request rate)    1 minute


The user can deactivate the proprietary technical cookies and the third-parties cookies, changing the settings of the browser in use. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account that, erasing or interrupting these cookies, the website visited by the user (or their related functions) may not work correctly or efficiently. 

The Site includes also the 'social buttons', that is interaction plugin with social networks, which allow the user to share his information and contents with social network and with the social network managers, to identify users and store information related to the Site usage in their profiles. The user can view information related to the management of data by social networks to which the social buttons refer at the following links:

3.    Amendments and updates
This Cookie Policy is valid as of the effective date. The Data Controller may adopt amendments and/or additions to the mentioned Cookie Policy, also as consequence of eventual legislative changes and/or implementations.

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